Executive Protection

Your core team deserves superior protection

MPG gives Executive Protection clients the next-level service they need. We select only the most experienced, highly trained personnel to man Executive Protection teams. These elite individuals train as a team, so they operate as a team. With MPG Executive Protection, your organization's leaders benefit from:

    • 24/7 On-Call Response Capability
    • Discreet and/or Covert Protection Services
    • Premium Teams Equipped with "Bleeding Edge" Technology
    • Optimal Customization, Maximum Flexibility


Risk Assessment

Leave nothing to chance-but act.

All meaningful action creates risk. The answer to risk isn't inaction-the answer is risk assessment. Armed with a clear-eyed, unflinching understanding of the landscape, your organization can plan, prepare and mitigate risk. You can act, confident that you've made informed and responsible decisions.


Stay agile

There are different approaches to risk assessment and management. MPG employs a "Lean Methodology" that focuses on the needs of your organization. Our approach avoids overly cumbersome planning protocols and includes loss reduction to help minimize risk. Maintaining your ability to take swift, responsive action is key.


Managing risks, creating opportunities

Performed properly, risk assessment and management aren't about scaling back. They're about clearing the way forward. Because smaller, rapidly growing companies have acute need for risk management, we offer discounted or flexible billing for funded start-ups. Here are some of the scenarios where MPG helps clients move forward:

    • Accelerated growth/scaling
    • Location-heavy companies
    • Law firms (e.g., divorce, criminal)
    • High-profile legal cases
    • Funded start-ups


    • Venture capital firms
    • High-risk patient healthcare
    • Rehabilitation facilities
    • Repeated theft and vandalism
    • Employee residence risk assessments


Corporate Security Support

Corporate-level service, boutique-level attention

Big, bold companies do big, bold business. With that territory comes a certain exposure to threats. Every organization's threat profile is different. So, every corporate security solution should be different. MPG's corporate security program embodies this philosophy, providing customized and adaptive protection that evolves alongside your company.


The Industry leader in security for labor union negotiations

Negotiations with labor unions present highly specialized security challenges. Conventional approaches to assessment, implementation and adaptive response simply fail to meet the security needs demanded by these scenarios. MPG is proud to offer best-in-industry security solutions to support your company's negotiations with labor unions. Don't settle for less.


Broad and deep expertise

From workplace violence protection to strike security support to incident investigations, MPG assesses and protects against an expansive range of threats. Our impressive experience and field-leading quality allow us to take a comprehensive approach. Each layer of service builds upon the previous layers to ensure that your company's security program is robust at every stage. Here are just a few of the ways that MPG protects its corporate clients:

  • Pre-termination planning
  • Termination support
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Internal investigations
  • Embedded investigators
  • Active shooter training
  • Due diligence
  • Loss prevention
  • C-suite executive protection
  • At-risk employee protection
  • Corporate security plan development
  • Corporate security plan implementation
  • Red Team Penetration Testing
  • In-house guard training
  • Site selection support

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